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The pilosophy behind GryPhon

I liked Grip (actually GCD, but I always launched Grip ;) ), but Grip had a couple of bugs in it, and missed some featuress I would have liked, so after emailing the author (Mike Oliphant) a couple of times and getting no reply, I started writing my own CD player - as a Grip clone.

GryPhon has by now got all the CD-playing functions that Grip has, but they work better than Grip's.

The main things that Grip has that Gryphon hasn't are:

  • C++ code
  • A ripper
  • CDDB-fetching over the internet
On the other hand the main things that GryPhon has that Grip hasn't are:
  • Python code
  • More responsive CD playback
  • Adjustable Multi-speed skipping
  • Change of CD-device on the fly (Grip 2.98 can't do it either ;) )
  • EXTREME configurability
  • XML-like colour/style-formatting of tracknames
  • Shadowed/Dimmed Tracklist display
  • Robust Playlist / Random playing system
  • More 'nice' touches
The reason that I haven't included CDDB-fetching from the internet is that:
  1. I never use it.
  2. I'm against it.
So why am I against it?
  • Because there are too many people making spelling errors, that are then puplished on the net.
  • WAY too many people not using the correct CAPS when typing in the tracks.
  • And almost no-one seems to pay any attention to things like indentation and special characters.
That's why I'm against it. ;)