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GryPhon is a CD-player focusing on configurability, stability and 'exciting' new features.
It is programmed entirely in Python, resembles Grip, and includes CDLow, the (to my knowledge*) only full-featured CD-audio library/module for Python.
By full-featured I mean capable of calculating the CDDB-ID, playing, stopping, skipping/searching and returning general info about both CD and drive.

* I've checked The Vaults of Parnassus, Python's page and searched extensively on Google.

    GryPhon Features:

  • Python code
  • CDDB-loading/editing/saving
  • Support for multiartist-discs
  • Multi-speed skipping/searching
  • Normal/Random/Playlist playback modes
  • Loop playback mode
  • Customizable 'Custom-Col' (see screenshots)
  • XML-like colour/style-formatting of tracknames
  • Change of CD-device on the fly
  • Fully configurable:
    • Tracklist display (also for multiartist)
    • Window title for no-disc, stopped and playing
    • Multi-speed skipping/searcing
    • Window-shrink to number of tracks


Sunday 16. March 2003
Another update of GryPhon, guess we're not quite dead yet.
BUG-FIX: Setting column-alignment finally works.
Saturday 8. February 2003
Screenshots updated.
Thursday 20. January 2003
Last (?) update of GryPhon.
NEW: You can now set whether to display headers for the tracklist or not.